Holistic coaching,
energetic therapy
& healing
– Amsterdam

`After 1 session I already felt a lot calmer. I could hardly believe it. It's nice to experience a change in yourself '' - Nathali

Holistic coach & energetic therapist

I am a holistic coach. This means that in my treatments I include all relevant factors that influence your behavior. I pay attention not only to the mental aspects of your behavior (thoughts and beliefs), but also to the physical, emotional and energetic aspects.

Body & mind in balance

Where regular care only covers a part (the mind), the holistic approach focuses on body & mind. After all, they form a unit. One cannot function without the other. That is why I see every person as a unique being and also look at my treatment from a spiritual perspective.

Treatment & complaints

Every person’s energy has been disturbed to a greater or lesser degree. This can lead to complaints. My treatments help to rebalance your mind and body. I use various techniques, such as healing in combination with therapeutic conversations. After the treatment there is more inner peace.

Every person has seven chakras. These must be balanced to function properly.