About me – holistic energetic therapist

In addition to my French HBO studies and my years of experience in business as an entrepreneur, I have continued to develop myself in the spiritual field. From an early age I discovered my gifts such as feeling clairvoyant and seeing clearly, and the effect of my laying on of hands with others. As a result, I have continued to develop in the spiritual field in addition to my studies and my years of experience in business.

I have followed the following courses in the energy field:

  • Education: Non-dual coaching and therapy (Alexander Zollner)
  • 4-year Yoga teacher training (yoga, chakras and philosophy by Rob Obermijer)
  • Alpha training 1 and 2 (Ted Lievaart)
  • Healing training (Ruud Jaspers, NFPN)
  • Transcendental Meditation (TM) training
  • Electro-acupuncture training (M. Vogelelezang)
  • Training Reiki Master (G. de Bruyn)
  • Training Mediumship (Paul Jacobs, Arthur Findley College)

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