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First of all I would like to say that Jeanine is a wonderful and loving person with a heart of gold. I was 13 years old when I lost my father to a terrible disease. I never really gave it up and put the anger I had in place. I kept going on and on and other people's problems went before my own. For years I had sleepless nights, anger attacks, insecurity, fears and I felt lonely, of course I was not. I had a lot of support from my mother, brother, family and friends, but I didn't talk about my feelings and the pain in me. I bottled everything up until I started to accept that, of course that could no longer continue. I then went to some psychologists and had some conversations. I was uncomfortable with this, so I did not speak and could still not give a place to the loss of my father. I then came into contact with Jeanine through my mother. At first I dared not take the step to try again with another. Still, I started talking to Jeanine and took this opportunity. I am happy that my mother introduced me to Jeanine. The first experience with Jeanine immediately felt good. I was comfortable. First we talked and then she gave me a healing. I calmed down and I felt relaxed. I've been to Jeanine a number of times and I feel much better. As if I am a completely different person, I found myself again. I am happy again and my confidence has improved a lot. I dare to talk about my feelings and I dare to express my sadness. - Bo Maud
I followed an intuitive development course with Jeanine in order to communicate even more from 'being' with the world around me. Whether it is with people, animals or nature, Jeanine has a special energy that allows her to get you off your head in a short time. By feeling all the chakras you experience what the chakras do in our physical and energetic system. By being more aware of this you can get closer to your actual soul goal that we are all looking for in the end. After this course, I am even more aware of what energy does to life on Earth. Fascinating to experience this consciously! As a holistic health therapist I experience daily what happens when someone gets connection with his soul purpose. It initiates a healing process in your system, making you feel better both physically and mentally. An intuitive development course helps to open the way to this. I definitely recommend an intuitive development course at Jeanine if you want to develop yourself as a spiritual being. No matter how far you are in your process it will give you even more depth. Give yourself this gift! - Saskia Rijnvis
The intuitive development course offers a unique opportunity to take a journey of discovery into as yet unknown personal psychic abilities. To be brought into a state of personal connection under Jeanine's weekly, I experienced it as a unique opportunity to gain insight into my own hidden and still suppressed intuitive abilities. Jeanine took our group in 8 lessons into the world of chakras, asanas, meditation, auras and healing techniques and enriched our lives in a special and very positive way. You notice that you change during the training and that the group lovingly reinforces that change. To undergo that change together gives a deep connection that I have never felt before. My personal change was perceived by everyone at home. Dear Jeanine, thank you for all the insights and loving guidance. ??? | Erik Steenbergh
Currently I am following the masterclass intuitive development at Jeanine. In this master class all chakras are treated and energetic exercises are done. I have always been interested in the spiritual. I am very sensitive and sometimes find it difficult to look after my own will. I am good at satisfying other people and sometimes forget what I really want. The masterclass helps me to stay with myself and to think and act from inner peace. The change you experience during the course is really very interesting and nice. I also had a healing from Jeanine. During the coach conversation Jeanine offers a listening ear and she can look inside where the bottlenecks lie. I found out that I carry the grief of others in me. The healing was very relaxing and after that I felt completely empty and relaxed. I can recommend a healing to Jeanine and the masterclass intuitive development if you want to live more from your intuition and are interested in these topics. Warm regards, Babette
Before I started the intuitive development course, I was first treated by Jeanine for more than 2 years. I had already been to several psychiatrists, but to no avail. When I got to Jeanine it was different than expected. She immediately understood me as a person, where my pain was and how rotten I felt. She felt every ounce of energy so flawlessly, I thought that was so wonderful and special. When she told me that she was going to start teaching the intuitive development course, I was very enthusiastic, I am very sensitive and often I don't know how to deal with it. This was the perfect opportunity for me to learn more about my sensitivity. In each lesson a chakra was treated, a piece of theory that belonged to that chakra, yoga exercises, meditation and something extra such as reading photos, reading flowers etc. There is actually nothing of the lessons that I did not like or dislike. Everything was a new experience and a new piece of insight into the deeper of yourself. We also learned to heal each other, which was very special. Of course we were not nearly as good as Jeanine, but there was a small start. I am very happy that I took this course, I have more knowledge about people's emotions, I am able to feel people better, I can deal with my own emotions a lot better, I am more solid in my shoes and I know how to find happiness in myself without needing others. Thank you dear Jeanine for this special experience, the course really gave me the tools to help myself out of the well and heal myself on an energetic level. - Nadine S.
In January I was not feeling well and decided to ask Jeanine for help. I got healings and conversations that have been very helpful to me. Jeanine really listens to you and shows you your weaknesses so you can work on them. The intuitive development course was fantastic! Meditate and learn and practice all chakras. It was very interesting and very nice. The last lessons we also gave healing, which was a special experience. Really recommended! - Anita W.
Jeanine is a very warm and loving person, she works from her heart to help people with her healings. After a Jeanine healing you will feel reborn, closer to yourself, calmer and totally relaxed. The healings work both physically and mentally and therefore reduce stress, you get back in balance. Because of her focused tips and advice in the conversation during the healing, you will gain better insights that you need at that time. Jeanine feels exactly what you need and the energy starts to flow again, so that your healing can continue to work. I am very grateful for the help of Jeanine, she helped me through a difficult period. Thank you dear Jeanine! - Susan R.
Have experienced again what a treatment of Jeanine does to you. As a client you are treated with a lot of love and respect, Jeanine can also be confrontational if that would benefit your process. She has removed blockages from me and opened chakras again. After the treatment I felt energetically reconnected with my body, which made it easier to get back to my essence. From total relaxation I got clear insights into the issues that are currently at play. It feels like a few steps forward, every time a piece is healed. Cicilia R.
In the period January to March 2018 I followed the Masterclass Intuitive Development with Jeanine Langeraar. Jeanine is expert and knows how to create a very pleasant atmosphere, which makes working with your chacras and aura easy. A chacra was treated every lesson. The lessons on / with chacra 1 to 6 were concluded with yogha exercises that were tailored to the treated chacra. In addition, there was room to taste reading and healing. Special to be able to see the energy field of an orchid and to read photos and the aura of people. With each lesson we received extensive information about the treated chacra. Absolutely great! For me it was a renewed introduction to intuitive development and a celebration of memory. The combination with yogha was new to me, but wonderful to do and nice and relaxing and healing. Yet again amazing were events and experiences in the week following the treatment of a chacra, which I believe were connected to the chacra in question. By paying attention to it, the energy flows 'better'. Very special.
I can heartily recommend the workshop!
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